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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 530  FOX  October 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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now at 5:30 the day after the presidential debate. the moments that everyone is still talking about this morning and how it got some political analysts fired up. angelica adlibs traffic red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no
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southwest flight landing in milwaukee had to be restrained the man was removed from the plane by authorities. deandra corinthios is live from mitchell airport with details on the incident. this was on flight 201 coming in from new york city's laguardia airport. the plane landed safely here at mitchell but the man caused quite a disturbance o local law enforcement met flight 201 and removed the passenger the flight took off from new york city just before 8 p-m and landed in milwaukee around 8:45. a source with knowledge of what happened tells fox6...a man started acting suspiciously and things escalated quite quickly. the source says the flight attendants had to detain the passenger. southwest officials say their primary concern is the safety of their customers. they say they are working with local
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members or flight attendants is a federal offense. live from mitchell airport deandra corinthios fox6news. news from overnight -- milwaukee police are investigating a shooting in the area of custer and hopkins -- right by mcgovern park. we're told a 27-year-old man was shot just after nine last night. he is being treated for a serious gunshot injury at a local hospital. police are still searching for a suspect. a wisconsin corrections officer is facing charges -- in on milwaukee night club shooting. police say 22-year-old "lillie jones" shot a 23-year-old woman sitting in a car on sunday. prosecutors say the two women had gotten into some sort of fight inside the onyx night club near 32nd and villard. jones is an employee at taycheedah correctional institution. she's on administrative leave. happening today chief flynn will present his department's disciplinary action to the fire and police commission today. this after a former officer is charged with soliciting a child for sex and
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a criminal complaint says sonthana rajaphoumi sahn-than-hah raj-ah- foo-mee approached two teen girls and made sexual a memo the chief says rajaphoumi violated the department's core values of integrity. the order is that the officer be discharged and removed from the payroll immediately. rajaphoumi has a date in criminal court in november and faces up to 75 years in prison. hillary clinton and donald trump faced off on the debate stage for the last time before the election. sparks flew from the start... igniting a massive response reid binion reports. the third and final presidential debate was a contentious one. the candidates did not shake hands... the beginning... ...or at the end. discussions of policy were peppered with personal attacks... ...even on the fairly tame topic of social security. trump: "such a nasty woman." "nasty woman" -- quickly trending on twitter and generating memes. another trending moment came as trump reiterated his stance on
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some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out." hash-tag "bad hombres" led to memes showing trump next to pictures of the hair color trend known as ombre. puppet memes -- emerging after this exchange: trump: "putin from everything i see has no respect for this person." clinton: "well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states." trump: "no puppet. you're the puppet." but one of the most talked-about moments of the debate came when donald trump refused to say definitively that he would accept the results of the election. chris wallace / modea country... that at the end of the campaign the loser concedes to the winner. are you saying you're not prepared now to commit to that principle?" trump: "what i'm saying is that i will tell you at the time." that reluctance to accept a potential loss led to this description by c-n-n political commentator van jones -- van jones / cnn political commentator: "this is a very sad night for the country. you can't polish this turd." i'm reid binion reporting. the presidential race... stirring up controversy here among voters. profanities... spray painted on several donald trump signs in
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over the presidential candidate and his running mate's names. another with drawings or references to body parts... and one with a curse word written on it. trump supporters call the vandalism an attack on free speech. democratic denounce the inappropriate messages but say it's trump's rhetoric that is inciting the hostility. donald trump's daughter ivanka will be in our area today. she'll be speaking at the crowne plaza in wauwatosa at 12:30. she then heads to eau claire later in the day. and happening tonight-- the bounce back this week. the packers take on da bears at lambeau field. the game kicks off at 7:25... and will also be live-streamed on twitter. both teams are coming off of weekend losses. the bears are 1 and 5 this season. leroy butler is combating bullying. how he's using his life experiences to inspire young people. ...caught, convicted, and now, the pay day. why one man decided to come forward with crucial information in the laylah petersen case. the man accused of driving his truck off a bridge.. killing
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truck off a bridge in california, killing four people was in court. plus-- a former presidential hopeful will appear in court following a scandal over the closure of the
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kim has more. the 24-year-old driver of a truck who drove his truck off a bridge this weekend was in court. richard sepolio was arraigned on four counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and two counts of d-u-i. sepolio plunged off an area bridge, into a park below. 4 people died at the scene and 9 others, including sepolio were injured. prosecutors say a blood alcohol sample was taken at the hospital, where he tested at point 0-8. but the defense is claiming the accident was not a result of alcohol. my client was cut off when he was on the roadway. he was driven into the side of the bridge. and this accident could've been avoided if responsible people had put responsible retainers on there. vosepolio pleaded not guilty in court. he now could face 23 years- 8 months in prison. is the maximum sentence allowed in california when multiple victims are involved.
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it's all in connection to a citizen's complaint filed by bill brennan. brennan accused christie of failing to stop the closure of lanes on the new jersey side of the george washington bridge back in 20-13. critics say the lane closures were done to punish the mayor of fort lee, new jersey... for not supporting christie's re-election bid. christie has long denied any wrongdoing. new jersey allows residents to file criminal complaints. if a judge finds probable cause, a summons is issued. a state trooper ends up with an unlikely passenger in the back of his squad car. why that passenger is lucky north korea attempts yet another missile launch... and fails. how the u-s is responding. with eddie lacy and james starks among several players out for the packers... the plan coach mccarthy has in
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= major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays missile launch from north korea ended in failure. a failed attempt by north korea to launch a missile was detected wednesday evening. according to the north american aerospace defense command - the country tried to fire an intermediate- range ballistic missile. this failed launch comes just
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fire a separate missile. back in september, north korea carried out its largest-ever nuclear test. in response - the u-s has been planning to deploy a new anti-missile system to south korea. an arkansas neighborhood is on edge after a teenager was shot and killed by police. benton police were called to this home monday on reports of a family disturbance. police say they saw a 17-year-old -- armed with a handgun -- run into a wooded area across the street from his home. an officer says he shot the teen after the boy pointed his gun at police neighbors say they are concerned because this is the second officer- involved shooting in recent weeks. he helped solve the laylah petersen case -- now a man gets a 25-thousand dollar reward. peterson is the 5 -year-old killed in 2014. gunmen shot at her grandfather's home-- thinking it was someone else. yesterday afternoon, milwaukee attorney michael hupy presented a check for 25-thousand dollars to antoine buchanan. his information was crucial to
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says he was motivated by petersen's memory. "this child was robbed of life. she was robbed of prom, first boyfriend, skating trips, anything that she may have liked to do. she was robbed of that." buchanan says he did not come forward because of the money -- but because people have to step forward and help stop the violence. "lambeau leap" originator leroy butler is on a mission...empowering young people to be leaders. butler spent the morning at st marcus lutheran school speaking to students about bullying. butler talked about his childhood...growing up with club... feet wearing braces and sometimes in a wheelchair... using his experiences as an example....hoping to inspire students to focus on the dreams...not the bullies. "its just about how i grew up, i grew up in a single family
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model and i chose to do things different i wanted to be a leader not a follower" butler teamed up with anthem blue cross blue shield. he travels to churches and school sharing his story as part of his butler versus bullying campaign. toss to rob
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that's kind of the message to running back knile davis, who the packers traded for yesterday. with eddie lacy and james starks among the 7 players out for the packers, he's going to get a lot of action tomorrow night against the bears. and as you'd expect, there's a plan in place by mike mccarthy to get him going. "you kind of work that in the off hours because you have to get ready to exercise the game plan, which is different than an installation, exercise the game plan for an opponent. that's what we're focused on. he's a veteran. i think he'll do fine." number 2 ohio state saturday, the badgers are hoping to avoid a let down this saturday at iowa. a big part of that will depend on the defense as they try to rebound from a few missed plays that ended up with ohio state points and ultimately a win. there were a couple plays wehere i have the quarterback in my arms and i didn't make the play.. there are multiple areas where we can improve on and there are multiple areas where we did good. you cant judge your performance
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count. the bucks preseason is over and they'll tip off for real a week from tonight when they host charlotte at the bradley center. tonight, the final preseason game had indiana here at the bc. jabari parker, who had his option exercised by the bucks to keep him for a 4th year, makes them proud with the ally oop to miles plumlee. this time p himself, taking the pass from matthew dellavadova, driving and throwing down the jam. in the 4th, tied at 91, parker takes control, with the offensive board and the put back slam. that gives the bucks the lead for good as they close out the preseason with the 111-103 win. after the break -- how a bald eagle ended up in the back of a squad car.. and -- "daniel turducken
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this little birdy was traveling on an airplane. still ahead in the six o'clock hour of wakeup -- we'll have more on last night's presidential showdown the race to white house reaches the
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g) in the air. fould territory. the cleveland indians are going to the world series. as we get deeper into october.. so do teams in the m-l-b playoffs. the cleveland indians shut out the toronto bluejays last night to earn their spot in the world series. mike napoli starting things off for the
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of the first-- driving in one. then two solo shots from santana and crisp add to the indians lead. now cleveland waits for either l-a or chicago in the world series. that series now sits and two-two. after getting shut out in back to back games , the cubs scored 10 runs, beating the dodgers 10-2. last night was the third and final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump, leaving many arguing who came out on top. the answer-- excedrin headache the company sent out this tweet pre- debate: "it's not an ordinary debate, so don't use just any pain relief.. hashtag debate headache. the tweet quickly got more than a thousand likes. hashtag debate headache started trending on twitter. if you're not already in the halloween spirit-- here's something to get you going. peanuts-themed cornmazes are popping up all over the place. "it's the great pumpkin charlie brown!" is celebrated it's 50-th
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charlie brown mazes. a state trooper in florida had a strange passenger in the back of his squad car. the trooper found a bald eagle on the side of the road, after it was reportedly hit by a jeep. after a few attempts, the trooper was able to scoop up the bird and put it into his squad. surprisingly bird has no broken bones and is recovering. the hope is to return the eagle to the wild. from a squad car to an airplane. another bird picture is going viral for the duck.. full name "daniel turducken stinkerbutt." and he caught the attention of passengers on a flight when he was spotted gazing out the window of the plane. daniel is a therapy duck and helps with his owner's p-t-s-d. all anchors chat/toss to 6am
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"he goes around with crocodile tears about how unfair it is" "you talk, but you don't get anything done." now at 6:00 - the final presidential debate is in the books. we're breaking it down this morning. and developing this morning - why a man had to be physically restrained... on a southwest airlines flight that landed at mitchell airport. wakeup! rob's weather today: partly cloudy. high: 56 wind: n 5-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. low:


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